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There are three basic hull designs in the power catamaran class. Each Cat hull design has its own attributes. Each design tries to maximize the comfort of ride in relation to speed, fuel efficiency, load bearing capacity and handling. All of the following catamaran designs will perform considerably better than a monohull.

Full Displacement Hull
Employs the same basic design as a sailing catamaran with a narrow, tall hull, designed for maximum comfort in heavy seas. This design offers less fuel efficiency and stability due to its narrow, tall hull design as well as an inability to plane. Hull enhancements with several chines to help lift the boat are employed.

The narrow hull does not allow for maximum load capacity or stability, and has more lateral movement than other designs. Attempts to eliminate this include adding one dolfin to each engine. There is also considerably more vertical movement at rest than other designs due to narrower hull design. Maximum horsepower ratings are lower due to hull speed and ability of narrow hulls to hold weight. The inability to trim the bow to get the sponsons out of the water also makes the boat more susceptible to bow steer as the sponsons act like two keels in the water in a following or head sea.

Planing Hull
Employs a V-bottom flatter surface to get the boat up on plane for maximum speed, but has a harder ride due to the flat surfaces of the hull bottom.

When coming down after launching the boat there is more of a slamming effect. This is not as severe as a monohull, but very noticeable compared to other power cats. There is also a problem with lateral movement, which they have tried to address with the use of trim tabs.

Semi-Displacement Hull (World Cat)
This design combines the best of both worlds. Hulls with wide oval bottoms provide the best lift, stability and load bearing capability. Greater buoyancy allows for higher horsepower ratings and the best balance of comfort and efficiency. There is very little lateral movement, and no enhancements are needed to make this hull design perform.

It has the widest footprint in the water, offering the best stability and speed to comfort ratio. The design allows for large fish boxes, deep storage in hulls and maximum usable space. Rated at 450HP on the 270 models, the fuel efficiency and range is unmatched, making it the ultimate choice for the serious offshore fisherman or pleasure boater seeking the best of both worlds.

World Cat was the first Cat builder to be yacht certified and has more CSI Awards than all other Cat builders combined!
Power Catamaran vs. Monohull

What’s the best buy for fuel efficiency and a smooth ride in rough water?

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