World Cat – South Africa

Smooth Ride
From its stability, handling and tremendous range to its load-carrying abilities, rough water performance and incredibly smooth ride, this catamaran unique abilities lie within the scientific principles engineered into its semi dispacement hull. Integrated from bow to stern, World Cat's patented Vectorflow System takes advantage of fluid dynamics in a way no monohull design can.

The system provides greater fuel economy, reduces forward spray and provides an unequaled ride by way of its unique aerated water-cushioned suspension. Save as much as 40% on fuel, WITHOUT sacrificing speed.

Value for Money
The excellent craftsmanship and time tested design have added years to the lives of our boats and their owners!

Quality of Design
The sleek American design of a World Cat's twin hulls and you're cruising in a boat that not only cuts through rough seas but also smoothes out the bumps along the way, perfect for South African waters! A World Cat doesn't require add-ons like trim tabs or hydrofoils. Stability and efficiency are built in, not added on.
A World Cat is more like driving a sports car rather than a motorcycle.

The shallow draft of the World Cat design provides access to areas that conventional hulls cannot reach.

A World Cat's wider footprint negates the effects of rolling seas.

The relatively rectangular design of the World Cat's expanded deck area allows for more room and greater load capacity.

A World Cat's deck is parallel to the water at all speeds allowing you to maintain your line of sight and giving you greater fuel efficiency.

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