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The Essence of Smooth

World Cat has carved out a name for itself in the industry for building superbly engineered and well-crafted vessels. Over the years, we’ve transformed the art of boat-building into a science, by creating systems and best practices that provide a continuous and standardized workflow process for our employees.
We call it Smooth.

Every decision we make at World Cat is based on the principles of Smooth. Smooth permeates everything we do here and it helps ordinary people, like ourselves, achieve extraordinary things on a daily basis.

Smooth is the system that keeps customers happy and coming back for new World Cats.

Smooth gives our owners the confidence to tell their friends about the integrity of our boats and the quality of their ownership experience. And World Cats demonstrate that integrity where it matters most – on the water – not in a glossy magazine advertisement.

That’s the essence of Smooth.
Smooth ride
Value for Money
Quality of Design

A World Cat is more like driving a sports car rather than a motorcycle.

The shallow draft of the World Cat design provides access to areas that conventional hulls cannot reach.

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Official SA, SADEK, Mauritius, and Seychelles Distributor for Hi-Tide& Launch Pad Lifts
Member of the PowerCat Group – the world's largest power catamaran builder, builds World Cat, Glacier Bay, Carolina Cat and Livingston power catamarans.
290 Express Cabin arrives in Cape Town in June'10
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Ski Boat Magazine - sea trials the World Cat 270 Tournament Edition

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Ski Boat Magazine - sea trials the World Cat 270 Tournament Edition

Buoy weather - the global solution to online and wireless marine weather

NetKnots - fishingknots
How to tie the 5 Strongest Fishing Knots
Video Fishing Knots:
• Alphabetical list of all fishing knots
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SASSI - Support marine sustainability, know what fish are endangered

SAMSA - South African Maritime Safety Authority

IGFA - International Game Fishing Association

Greenpeace - Greenpeace international seafood red list

World Cat forum – Post your questions and get involved in discussions and debates around the topics of fishing and boating

Game Boats - Ewan Wilma's passion for
boating and fishing

Shimano - Cycling, Fishing, Snowboarding
Daiwa - Advancing the sport of fishing
Windfinder - Connected to Wind

Leisure Boating
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